general information


Fractal Studio is a program for generating fractals of different kinds.

We are now within a bigger reconstruction phase so it could need some time until we release the next version of our program.

In the actual version fractals with complex numbers, quaternions, and a new type: time-discreet-phase-planes can be rendered.

A raytracer can be switched on, with it the normally flat complex fractals can bee seen as hight profiles. For preview OpenGL is used.

It is planned to implement triples, octonions, IFS, plasma as well as other fractals, a new raytracer and lots of other nice things.

Suggestions and criticism are welcome.



To the rest...

In this section we try to give much information that you wouldn't find in every math book, therefore the proportion of the complex part is quit small even though it would be the largest. Those things you can find in each good math book and should not be displayed here completely.

So, have fun while reading our "library".